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2020-2021 Blocks of the Month

January's block in our Village quilt is the Schoolhouse.  The block is labelled as a House in the link, but it is traditionally used as a schoolhouse. 
1.  The finished block measures 9x9.  In order to keep all of our blocks 12x12 for the final assembly, you'll need to add a 4x9-1/2 inch strip along the side, and a 4x12-1/2 strip along the bottom.  You can use grass, sky, flowers, snow whatever goes well with your theme.
2.  You don't need fancy template plastic for the few templates involved.  The easiest way is to print the page and cut out the templates.  You can also use anything that you can see through enough to trace them.
3.  You can use fussy cut fabric with children's faces for the windows, a bell, a flag, anything you want.

House block   November

Cottage   December

Schoolhouse block    January

RV block   February

Bird-Dog house  March

Barn   April

Religious building   May

Lighthouse   June

Sailboat    July



2019-2020 Blocks of the Month

Most instructions have a supply and cutting list on page 2.

April 2020 Glory in Scraps

March 2020   Nelson's Victory

February 2020    Paper Pinwheels

January 2020   Dutch Nine Patch

December 2019   Amish Diamond 


2018-2019 Blocks of the Month

September 2019  Tick Tack Toe

August 2019  Four Part Strip Block

July 2019   Johnny Around the Corner

June 2019  Nine Patch

May 2019  Japanese Lantern

April 2019  SeeSaw

March 2019  Box Kite

February 2019  Shoofly

January 2019  Amish Diamond

December 2018 Hourglass #3

November 2018  Shooting Star


2017-2018 Blocks of the Month

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September 2018

November 2018


 2016-2017 Blocks of the Month

December 2016

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2015-2016 Blocks of the Month

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For November we're going to do a Mug Rug Swap. Everyone who makes a Mug Rug will be able
to grab one from the Swap Sack! Everyone goes home a winner this time!



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