This page gives you information about our programs, member/teacher classes, Fabric Swap, and Accu-Quilt Dies available for your use.


Next Meeting


May 11 2018    This a second Friday of the month.

See you at the Cocoa Library.

Remember to bring any books from the library, block of the month, fat quarters, community quilt items. 

Member/Teacher class for May

 Applique of line drawings with Cindy Heinig 

 Other Stuff

Fat Quarter Drawing

You get one ticket for each fat quarter you turn in. 

Please bring fat quarters only (18"x22")

May             floral

June            weddings

July             flamingos

August        birthdays

September   batiks



Portions of our quilting library will be available for perusal at the general monthly meetings.

Members may borrow up to three books for one month. 

Book check-outs and returns are self serve and there are no fines for overdue books.

Quilting related book donations and suggestions for our library are welcome.


Recycle Table

The recycle table is a great place to leave your unwanted sewing treasurers and to find more.

A donation is requested when you take a new treasure.


Quilts of Valor

Several of our guild members are active in the Quilts of Valor chapter in our area. We could use any red/white/blue orphan blocks, preferably in 12 1/2" square.
Quilt Tops of 60"x 80" in red/white/blue also gratefully accepted.


Accu-quilt Go and Dies

Contact Dionne Casey, our Community Quilts chair, for checking out the Accu-quilt.


STRIPS                                 TRIANGLES                                                             TUMBLERS

1 inch                                       Isosceles  5x6                                                         3 ½ inch

1 ½ inch                                   6 ½                                                                       4 ½ inch

1 ¾ inch                                   2                                                                         RECTANGLES

2 ¼ inch                                   4 7/8                                                                     3 ½ x 6 1/2

2 ½ inch                                   Quarter Square 4 inch                                            STARS    

2 ½ inch for baby go               SQUARES                                                               Star Medley 6 point

3 ½ inch                                 2 ½    3 ½    4 ½                                                    5 point: 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch 

4 ½ inch                                 4 ¾    5        6 ½

6 ½ inch


BLOCKS                                                  SHAPES

LeMoyne Star                                      Alphabet                                                        Hexagon 2 inch, 3 inch, 5 inch

Drunkard’s Path                                   Snowmen                                                      Fall Medley (2)

Rob Peter to Pay Paul                           Ricky Tim’s Arabesque #2                               Holiday Medley

Double Wedding Ring                           Parallelogram  3 ¾ x 3 ½                               Lullaby

Rag Square 8 ½ inch                            Circles 2 inch 3 inch 5 inch                              Pumpkins

Rag Square 5 ¼ inch                            Stems & Leaves                                             Dragonflys

Hunter Star                                          Daisy                                                            Apple Core

Bountiful Baskets                                  Tulip                                                             Baby

                                                                                                                              Zoo Animals



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