** Sizes of cut fabrics needed for Community Quilts**

5" and 2 1/2" squares or

5" or 2 1/2" strips at least 12" long.


If you have scraps you'd like to contribute to Community Quilts, please cut to the sizes above.

Our goal in community quilts is to provide members with the opportunity to help create quilts for our charity donations. In 2017, we donated a record number of 127 quilts to various organizations such as Meals on Wheels, Genesis House and veterans at St. Francis hospice.


Instead of asking members to create an entire quilt individually, we make available various projects each month. It can be as simple as a bag of scraps to cut into specific sizes, blocks to be pieced, a quilt to be quilted, binding to be attached, etc. Instructions are included with each project.


There are no deadlines, no forms to fill out, no quilt police to critique your work, only a grateful community which appreciates the end result of many hands. Feel free to take a project; learn a new technique; practice your skills and contribute at the same time. All efforts are appreciated.


When you turn in your project, don’t forget to put your name into the community quilt box for the monthly prize and the big “annual” gift.


 Peaceful Rail Fence instructions

(Click on the above link to download the instructions.)

 This shows how to make the placemats.


Kit includes all pieces to complete one block.  The block will be 12.5" when sewing is complete.

Lay out the fabric as in the example at left.  The following instructions are for sewing together one quadrant (upper left)

Sew the small square to a rectangle on the short side.  Sew the large square to a rectangle.  Then sew these units together as shown.

This unit must now be trimmed to a 6.5 x 6.5 square.  Line up  your ruler so that you can trim two sides. The small square will not be trimmed.

Do this to each quadrant as you finish them.

Position the quadrants as shown.  (This is the same layout as the first picture, just rotated.)

Sew together as you would a four patch.

Lay out the side borders.

Sew  on the borders.  

If you are making a completed placemat, layer the backing and batting with the top "envelope style". Quilt thru all layers.  







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