** Sizes of cut fabrics needed for Community Quilts**

10", 6 1/2 ", 5", 4 1/2", 4", 3 1/2", 3" and 2 1/2" squares

If you've got scraps you'd like to contribute to Community Quilts, please cut to the sizes above.



Our community service committee creates, collects and distributes quilts to those in need.  We accept donations of fabric, blocks, quilt tops, and finished quilts, and have donated many quilts and walker bags to charitable organizations as well as to individual members of the community.  Our quilts are mostly scrappy and are a smaller lap size, but donations of larger quilts will be sure to find a good home.

During the year, we provide kits for members who want to complete a project at home.  This allows our quilters to contribute to community service in a variety of ways.  The kits may contain fabric to be cut into squares or strips, pieces to be sewn into quilt blocks, quilt blocks to be sewn into quilt tops, or quilts that need binding. 

We also have sew-in workshops about three times a year after our regular meeting, at which time we may sort and cut fabrics, sew blocks, arrange blocks into attractive designs for tops and stitch tops together.  All this includes a generous amount of talking, laughing and sharing. 

Some recipients of our quilts to date include:  Crosswinds Youth Services, Devereux Foundation, Hacienda Girls Ranch, Vitas, as well as victims of Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi,  chemotherapy patients, and several other individuals.

It is our goal to continue with this outreach to our community, and hopefully, to expand our base of recipients. 

Here are some pictures from our Rocket Quilters Olympics.  We had a lot of fun and helped give a boost to our Meals on Wheels project.

RQ Olympics

Currently we have a beautiful quilt that members may hope to win.  The proceeds from ticket sales help pay for batting and other supplies needed to complete our community quilt projects.


Accu-quilt Go and Dies

Contact Dionne Casey, our Community Quilts chair, for checking out the Accu-quilt.

STRIPS                                 TRIANGLES                                                             TUMBLERS

1 inch                                       Isosceles  5x6                                                         3 ½ inch

1 ½ inch                                   6 ½                                                                       4 ½ inch

1 ¾ inch                                   2                                                                         RECTANGLES

2 ¼ inch                                   4 7/8                                                                     3 ½ x 6 1/2

2 ½ inch                                   Quarter Square 4 inch                                            STARS    

2 ½ inch for baby go               SQUARES                                                               Star Medley 6 point

3 ½ inch                                 2 ½    3 ½    4 ½                                                    5 point: 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch 

4 ½ inch                                 4 ¾    5        6 ½

6 ½ inch


BLOCKS                                                  SHAPES

LeMoyne Star                                      Alphabet                                                        Hexagon 2 inch, 3 inch, 5 inch

Drunkard’s Path                                   Snowmen                                                      Fall Medley (2)

Rob Peter to Pay Paul                           Ricky Tim’s Arabesque #2                               Holiday Medley

Double Wedding Ring                           Parallelogram  3 ¾ x 3 ½                               Lullaby

Rag Square 8 ½ inch                            Circles 2 inch 3 inch 5 inch                              Pumpkins

Rag Square 5 ¼ inch                            Stems & Leaves                                             Dragonflys

Hunter Star                                          Daisy                                                            Apple Core

Bountiful Baskets                                  Tulip                                                             Baby

                                                                                                                              Zoo Animals






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